Groupescape for company outings

Group escape is the ideal activity for a company outing. Play group-escape with a large group at the same time.

Mobile escape room

The group-escape for company's

Are you looking for ideas for a staff party or company event? Look no further, because you are at the right place with group-escape. Our Mobile Escape Room Experience is for companies that want to play a fun challenging activity with large groups.

Whether you are with a group of 25, 50, 100 of 500 people, we ensure that everyone is entertained during your company outing.

Group-escape is a game with 30 mobile 'escape boxes' that can be placed at any location imaginable. Groups up to 125 people can participate in sub-groups of 3/5 people. With multiple games, group-escape can be deployed for groups up to 500 people a day.

Teams compete against each other to solve as many boxes as possible. The principle works the same as an escape room. You solve puzzles to solve the box. Get to know your colleagues even better! This time not from behind your desk but at a crazy location.

Watch the video

Your benefits

  • Play with large groups (eg 25 people)
  • Play at any location
  • Full catered activity

Wanna see how group-escape works? Watch the video.

On location

A roof of an apartment building, a forest, the beach of Scheveningen or just the parking lot at your company.

You can play group-escape at any location you can think of. We can place our 'escape boxes' anywhere.

Do you have a great idea for a location yourself? We are always open to your ideas, so that your company outing / staff party will be a day your doesn't forget for a long time.

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