About the game

Group-escape offers a Mobile Escape Room Experience at any location for large groups of up to 500 people.

Escape Room Experience for big groups

Escape Rooms have been a craze for years, where a group of people have to find puzzles and codes within an hour to be able to leave the room in time. Most Escape Rooms have a capacity of up to ± 7 participants. This makes it less interesting for larger companies. Groupscape has developed a Mobile Escape Game for groups of 25 to 500 people!

The game can be played at any desired location; at your office, an event location or another location chosen by you.

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How does the game work?

The Mobile Escape Room consists of 2 sets of 15 unique 'boxes'. Each box contains challenging puzzles that you also encounter in physical Escape Rooms; hidden doors, surprising technical elements, number locks, etc. The goal? Resolve as many boxes as possible within the agreed time.

At the start, teams of up to 5 people will be formed. Each team chooses its start box and the battle starts after the start signal. Indications on the box always bring the teams a bit further into the game. Do they open the last door of the box? Then they find a coin in the central scoreboard, on which everyone can follow each other's progress.

There are always at least two boxes free, so that after resolving a box, the next one can be worked on immediately. The solved box will be prepared by the game masters for the next team. So there is never a team out of the game!

The team has solved most boxes after 60 or 90 minutes, wins!

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Who is group-escape for?

Group escape can be used for numerous occasions

  • Team building activity
  • training
  • Company party
  • Family / friends day