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'Show your True Colorus' with Groeps-Escape: The most fun leadership training for your team!

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In depth teambuilding

Are you looking for a way to enhance your team's collaboration skills, creativity and problem-solving abilities? Look no further and choose Groeps-Escape in combination with the training course 'Show your True Colours'!

The Mobile Escaperoom for training consists of several 'escape boxes', deployable for training groups of 10 to 150 people. Each box contains challenging puzzles, hidden trapdoors and technically surprising elements. Teams of up to 5 people compete against each other to solve as many boxes as possible within the agreed time and reflect on their behaviour afterwards.

The boxes can be placed in any imaginable location. For example, play in the lobby of a hotel, in a theatre hall, classroom, training room or company canteen.

This is how it looks like

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Upgrade your teambuilding activity with our training

Playing an Escape Room reveals your unfiltered true nature and reveals in a unique way which roles people assume within a team. During our training 'Show your True Colours' you will gain insight into your own and your team's behavioural preferences. How do you recognise yourself, what insight does that give into yourself, others and how can you tune in and connect with others?

Who is analytical? Who monitors the group process and who thinks out-of-the-box? You can use all this valuable information in your sales, or management training, or to determine the ideal team composition. Book Groeps-Escape as part of your training, or have the training delivered by Groeps-Escape's experienced trainers.

During the training we make behavioural preferences transparent using Insights Discovery or DISC; two leading methods providers of personality profiles.

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Insights Discovery

The colour language is based on the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung. The Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist introduced the concept of psychological preferences. Insights links those preferences to 4 colours. They give you insight into your own reactions and behaviour in an appealing way and help you understand why other people show very different behaviour.

As revealing as someone's first colour is, someone's second, third and lowest colours can also be hugely influential in their behaviour. Everyone uses all 4 Insights Colours, but the specific order and intensity of the colours differs from person to person: we all have our own unique colour mix.

Why choose Insights?

  • The most comprehensive and personalised personality profile in the market
  • Many supporting materials available

Cost of personality profiles
From €131 per person

Whereas Insights is based on Jung, DISC is based on psychologist and professor Dr William Marston. However, the axes and colours are almost the same as in Insights. The difference is in the terminology (DISC talks more about letters than colours) and the personality profiles are slightly less personalised. DISC is an excellent (cheaper) alternative to Insights.

Cost of personality profiles
From €55 per person

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Let us take care of your training

Book Groeps-Escape as part of a training session. Contact us for a fully tailored training session!

  • One trainer per group of up to 25 people is recommended
  • Optional: A full Insights or DISC personality profile for all participants


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